Odylia contributes to the Affordability Guidance effort spearheaded by the Innovative Genomics Institute

In 2021, IGI’s Public Impact Team launched a year-long Affordability Task Force (ATF) project aimed at solving one of the trickiest challenges for genomic medicines. The report was released in July 2023 and “is the conclusion of a yearlong deliberation by 30 individuals with expertise spanning from preclinical development of genetic therapies to healthcare economics, intellectual property rights, and biomanufacturing, with the goal of identifying concrete steps to make genetic therapies affordable and accessible.” To learn more follow the link and download the final report.

Final Report

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About the IGI

The Innovative Genomics Institute was founded and is led by noble laureate, Dr. Jennifer A. Doudna, and is a joint effort between the Bay Area’s leading scientific research institutions, UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco, with affiliates at UC Davis, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Gladstone Institutes, and other institutions. The IGI’s diverse group of leading scientists have powerful interdisciplinary expertise. They conduct world-class research, driven by the real possibility of using genome engineering to treat human diseases, end hunger, and respond to climate change.

In addition to our scientific efforts, the IGI is committed to advancing public understanding of genome engineering, providing resources for the broader community, and guiding the ethical use of these technologies.