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The Odylia Collective

Odylia is building a centralized marketplace to ensure critical resources are findable and accessible for patient groups and other members of the rare disease research community. Ultimately, centralizing these resources will decrease wasted time and money, and increase the speed at which drugs are developed for rare diseases. Driven by the complexity in connecting the disparate pieces of drug development, The Odylia Collective will connect patient groups and the research community with a growing collection of service providers including: manufacturers, clinical CROs, animal testing, cell line producers, biobanking services, and more.

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Are you a patient group, rare disease patient, family member, academic researcher, or other member of the rare disease community focused on developing novel therapeutics and struggling to find or access resources? Register your interest here and be the first to explore the new platform at launch.

How does The Odylia Marketplace serve the rare disease patient community?

  • Service providers are identifiable by keyword searches and phase appropriate suggestions
  • Connect directly with service providers within The Odylia Marketplace to ensure you connect with the right person
  • Odylia staff will support communication between Seekers and Vendors where needed to ensure engagement is streamlined
  • The Odylia Marketplace will evolve over time to streamline processes, enable direct data sharing with the community where patient groups want to enable this function, and integrate new service features as the ecosystem grows

Service providers, whether companies or individuals, will gain access to a network of rare disease groups, each at various stages of research or therapeutic development. Reasons to join:

  • Network expansion and early engagement directly with the customer
  • Streamlined and assisted communication by the Odylia staff when needed
  • Evolving features on the platform will enable more rapid contracting and cross program information sharing to increase efficiences and decrease repetitive tasks usually performed by CRO staff

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