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Our goal is to accelerate therapeutic development for rare diseases,
              …whether our pipeline our yours

Odylia believes in the power of sharing information to empower the broader community around us. Through our own drug development experience and our work with partners through Brydge Solutions, we are building a publicly accessible library of resources in hopes that our learnings can help other drug development programs move faster towards the patients that need them. Please feel free to use these resources and we ask that you cite the source if you use the information. Each resource has citation information at the beginning of the document, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions. If you are interested in funding the generation of a new resource or our work with partner groups on tailored programs through Brydge Solutions please email us at

Brydge Solutions Video Series

Episode 1 (October 2023): Where can I find free resources on drug development for rare disease?


Episode 2 (November 2023): What are research tools and when do I invest in them?


Episode 3, Part 1 (December 2023): What should I consider when forming a scientific advisory board?


Disease specific reports

Odylia Brydge Solutions: SATB2 Gene Foundation Spring Update

Regulatory Overview

Preclinical and Translational Webinar Series
Hosted by: Odylia Therapeutics & Foundation Fighting Blindness
Sponsored by Regeneron

Webinar #1: Tools for Preclinical Development: Creating a Target Product Profile and Effectively Engaging Regulatory Entities (October 2020)

Webinar #2: Disease relevant translation models in ocular drug development: Types, challenges, advantages, and alternatives

Webinar #3: Working with Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) to accelerate development (January 2021)


Webinar #4: Attracting funding opportunities and a look towards the future of ocular drug development (March 2021)


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Disorder specific reports

Disorder specific reports