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Teaming up to accelerate therapeutic development for rare disease

Drug development for rare diseases is often led by patients and their families. The rare disease community spends countless hours and dollars searching for and funding treatments to mitigate the effects of their rare disease. All too often, a lack of expertise can result in years of wasted money and time.

Through Brydge Solutions partnerships, Odylia reduces inefficiencies commonly found on the path from early discovery to clinical trials.  With years of expertise in rare disease research, drug development, and program management, Odylia empowers Brydge Solutions program partners and provides the resources to help groups maintain momentum and control over their interests.

Odylia provides Brydge Solutions program partners with three core areas of guidance: gap analysis, roadmap analysis, and pipeline execution.

By saving time, money, and, most importantly, improving the success rate of therapeutic development, we strive to make drug development work for patients, not for profits. Odylia tailors solutions to meet each group’s needs. These partnerships range in scope from deliverable-based landscape analyses to long-term, ongoing scientific guidance and portfolio management. We partner with patient groups or families and rare disease companies at all stages in their drug development journey.

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