Odylia announces new partnership with the SATB2 Gene Foundation

Odylia announces a new partnership with the SATB2 Gene Foundation

Atlanta, GA February 24th, 2021 Odylia Therapeutics is pleased to announce a new partnership with the SATB2 Gene Foundation (SGF), a nonprofit that enriches the lives of individuals with SATB2-associated syndrome (SAS), including those diagnosed with the condition and their families, through support, research and education. Through this partnership, Odylia will provide scientific and strategic guidance regarding the current state of research and clinical understanding of the syndrome. Odylia’s work will enable SGF to leverage and deploy their resources appropriately and efficiently to further accelerate research. 

SATB2-associated syndrome (aka SAS or Glass Syndrome) is a neurodevelopmental disorder and is caused by problems in the SATB2 gene. SAS affects individuals through global developmental delays.  Most significant is the absence of speech, or significantly delayed/affected speech.  Other key characteristics of SAS are dental issues, low bone density, and behavioral issues.  A growing number of patients develop seizures and sleep difficulties.  Patients are typically diagnosed by age of 2 due to the evidence of developmental delays and pursuing testing, although more younger patients are being diagnosed as testing has become more available. Click here for more information about the SATB2 Gene Foundation.

Odylia Therapeutics has expertise in both preclinical and clinical drug development for rare disease. We partner with rare disease patient groups and tailor our work to meet the needs of the program dependent upon its stage of development and the level of support or direction needed. Patient Groups interested in learning more about Odylia Therapeutics services should contact us at info@odylia.org.