Odylia announces new partnership with CLOVES Syndrome Community

Odylia announces a new partnership with CLOVES Syndrome Community

Atlanta, GA October 21st, 2021 CLOVES Syndrome Community

Odylia Therapeutics is pleased to announce a new partnership with CLOVES Syndrome Community (CSC), a nonprofit whose mission is to support, educate, empower, and improve the lives of those affected by CLOVES syndrome. Through this partnership, Odylia will provide scientific and strategic guidance regarding the current state of research and clinical progress towards treatments for people with this syndrome. Odylia’s work will enable CSC to deploy their resources to effectively seek out new and better treatments as well as develop ongoing research strategies.

CLOVES syndrome (Congenital Lipomatous Overgrowth, Vascular malformations, Epidermal nevi and Scoliosis/skeletal/spinal anomalies) is a rare disorder characterized by tissue overgrowth and complex vascular anomalies that are typically present at birth. This syndrome belongs to the spectrum of overgrowth syndromes with complex vascular anomalies caused by mosaic mutations in the PIK3CA gene. This syndrome may affect soft tissue, blood vessels, bone and internal organs. However, there are no FDA approved systemic treatments; instead current treatment is based solely on the signs and symptoms present in each individual. To learn more, please visit https://clovessyndrome.org/.

Odylia Therapeutics has expertise in both preclinical and clinical drug development for rare diseases. In addition to our gene therapy development pipeline, we partner with rare disease patient groups and tailor our work to meet the needs of each group depending upon the stage of development and the level of support needed. Patient groups interested in learning more about Odylia Therapeutics’ services should contact us at info@odylia.org.