Our Path

At Odylia, we promote treatments of rare eye diseases from lab to clinic.

We are determined to find cures and treatments.

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We will design a strategic plan that will help move through the regulatory process more efficiently. We document our processes from pre-clinical through clinical trials to ensure every new target has the most efficient path possible. Using this documented “roadmap”, we will determine precisely what needs to be done to increase success and move to trial. Working with the principal investigator we will determine the best Pharm/Tox approach and strategy.

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Legal Assistance

Our legal team is experienced in enabling academia and investigators to properly protect their intellectual property rights. We have expertise in writing license agreements and contracts help protect ownership.

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Using one of our CRO partners in which we’ve negotiated discounted rates, you’ll receive high quality pharm/tox services and save significant money.

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We have established best-in-class GMP manufacturing resources through our CMO partner.  Not only do we have a significant advantage on rates, we have reserved manufacturing slots in one of the industry’s leading GMP facilities.

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Clinical Administration

We provide administrative services and know-how to help facilitate preparing for and conducting Phase I/II clinical trials.  Using our clinical trial expertise and staff, we make communication and documentation between the lab, CRO and clinician more efficient.

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Phase I/II Clinical Trials

We provide assistance in locating clinicians and patients for Natural History to conduct trials.  We’ve developed a network of clinical sites and lead clinicians for your trial.

Questions? We’re here to help!