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Gene Therapy Pipeline

Odylia is committed to accelerating therapeutic development for rare diseases. To find more information about our current targets or to learn how your gene may fit into our pipeline, please visit our Research and Development page.

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Brydge Solutions

Odylia’s Brydge Solutions offers tailored solutions to overcome common bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the drug development process.  We partner with rare disease groups to provide expert guidance and advisement, as well as,  project execution to advance treatments from concept to clinical trial.

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Anc80: A novel AAV capsid

Odylia has exclusive rights to the Anc80 AAV vector for use in developing gene therapies to treat rare and ultra rare diseases. Anc80 stands for ancestral adeno-associated virus which was discovered  in 2015 in the lab of Luk H. Vandenberghe, at Massachusetts Eye and Ear. Dr. Vandenberghe’s laboratory discovered Anc80 through their efforts to identify safer more effective viral vector-based delivery systems. Anc80 is predicted to be the ancestor of the broadly utilized AAV1, AAV2, AAV8, and AAV9, and can effectively transduce the retina, central nervous system, muscle, liver, and cells of the inner ear to name a few.

Through our competitive licensing terms, Odylia seeks to enable gene therapy development for rare diseases by industry, patient organizations, or academic groups. Contact us to learn more.

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