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We use our network of partner companies to achieve lower costs and priority services during the pre-IND and IND stages for treatment of patients.  We gain efficiencies by leveraging our clinical sponsorship modalities across multiple trials.  By using our clinical trial expertise, we help develop a strategic plan designed for rare disease to move through the regulatory process more efficiently.  We document our processes from pre-clinical through clinical trial to ensure every new target has the most efficient path possible.  Using this documented “roadmap”, we determine precisely how to increase success and move to and though the trials more efficiently.

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Target Identification

Odylia Therapeutics has developed an extensive database of rare disease targets.  We have thoroughly researched over 300 IRD’s in detail for a variety of factors designed to determine if there is proof-of-concept science available and if it qualifies as a premier target for pre-clinical studies.  Prospective therapies are “scored” as to their viability to move to the clinic.  This data is updated on a bi-annual release schedule and is available to members.

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Legal Assistance

Protection of intellectual property rights is of the upmost importance to Odylia Therapeutics.  Our team has the expertise and resources to execute license agreements and contracts to ensure academia and investigator ownership protection.

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With pre-negotiated discounted rates through our qualified partner CRO’s, Odylia offers the highest quality pharm/tox services at the most economical prices possible.

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Odylia has offerings from both academic grade and commercial grade partners.  By using leveraged manufacturing runs, discounted pricing and priority slot positions, we are able to design the best manufacturing modality for pre-IND, IND-enabling and trial designs.

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Clinical Administration

By utilizing a clinical CRO partner, Odylia is able to offer the highest quality clinical administration at the lowest possible price.  In addition, our clinical expertise makes communication between the lab, the CRO and the clinician more efficient.

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Clinical Trials

Our ultimate goal is to move therapies into clinical trials.  As the clinical sponsor, Odylia leverages our non-profit status to create discounts for lower costs and greater efficiencies.  As a non-profit sponsor, we target a modality of phase I/II/III trials, making the regulatory process less complex and more efficient.  For-profit companies are incented to fund early stage work, using Odylia as the sponsor and receive first rights for commercialization of successful trials after the project has sufficiently been de-risked.

In the event Odylia is not the clinical sponsor, we can still offer a la carte services at discounted rates to help facilitate the movement of rare disease therapies to clinical trials.

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Standardization “The Roadmap”

By starting with documentation in the lab and moving through all phases to a successful clinical trial, Odylia’s unique “Roadmap” takes advantage of the standardization of what is traditionally a start-from-scratch process to use on the next application.  Our software is used to document protocols in the lab which are necessary to enable readiness for regulatory requirements. Through each phase and with each target, we organize and standardize the process to create the best opportunity for efficiency and success as we move into the clinic.

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