Brydge Solutions

reImagining drug development partnerships for rare diseases

Every year, rare disease patients and their families spend countless hours and dollars to find treatments to mitigate the effects of their rare disease. It starts with the dreams of one family trying to save their child’s vision, ability to talk or walk, go to school, or even survive childhood.

These efforts result in years of wasted money and time because the current system for bringing rare disease treatments to patients is not effective, and commercial interest lags far behind that of common disorders. As a result, Patient Groups often lead fundraising, community education, and scientific investigation without having the know-how or expertise required to guide decision making.

As a non-profit, Odylia is uniquely positioned to empower rare disease partners.

Brydge Solutions saves time, money, and, most importantly, improves the success rate for therapeutic development. Odylia works closely with partners to tailor Solutions to meet a Group’s needs.

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