Dr. Vandeberghe working in a scientific laboratory

Gene Therapy

Gene therapy is a complex science.  It may be helpful to understand gene therapy depending on the context of the people interested.  Odylia has categorized gene therapy into three short lessons: Gene Therapy 101 – for the individual new to gene therapy wanting a basic understanding of the science; Gene Therapy 201 – for those wanting a more scientific approach to understanding the science and Gene Therapy 301 for those people with an advanced understanding of science who want more detailed information on gene therapy. There are many resources available to researchers, clinicians and patients which offer knowledge, advice and connections to get information on various diseases.  Our Other Resources page links some of the more relevant websites for information on research, funding and patient advocacy.  Odylia database of over 300 IRD’s is a comprehensive record of the most up to date information and research on each disease when available.

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