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Odylia’s strategy is to change the paradigm for moving rare disease treatments to the clinic.  By using our non-profit status as a resource, we provide an opportunity for significant discounts, efficiencies and economies of scale from a typical commercial sponsor.  Odylia’s network of partner companies allows for lower costs and priority services during the pre-IND and IND stages of development.

In addition, for-profit members seeking disease targets to ultimately commercialize are able to financially support early stage work using Odylia as the sponsor.  This gives them the ability to reap all the advantages of a successful venture without operating in the high-risk arena of pre-clinical and clinical trials.  If end points are achieved, they gain first-right on the target if they wish to commercialize or benefit from the proof-of-concept success.  Our mission is complete when all patients are either treated through the trial or the therapy becomes commercially available.

Finally, Odylia’s strategy allows for increased efficiencies by leveraging our clinical sponsorship modalities across multiple trials. With clinical trial expertise, we can develop a strategic plan specifically designed for efficiently moving rare disease treatments through the regulatory process.  Every new target will benefit from this documented “roadmap” for successfully moving treatments to and through clinical trials.

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