Donating to Odylia

As a nonprofit, Odylia Therapaeutics depends on donations to achieve our mission. In addition to gifts made via credit cards, there are a number of options for making contributions and supporting our work.

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Mail a Check

To avoid processing fees associated with credit card gifts, you can mail a check to our office address below. Please notify Heather Greene via email ( so we can confirm receipt.

Odylia Therapeutics
1447 Peachtree St NE
Suite 700
Atlanta, GA 30309-3001

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Many financial institutions offer the option to transfer donations electronically for free. Please send us an email at to get the instructions for an EFT.

Credit card/ Money apps/ Cryptocurrency/Stock gifts/ DAFs

Odylia accepts donations in many forms: various kinds of cryptocurrencies, gifts of stocks and donations via a Donor Advised Fund (DAF). Our partner can handle the entire transaction for you. Click this button to get started.

Matching Gifts

Your donation could be doubled. Check to see if your company offers a matching gift program for employees and your gift may be eligible for an employer match. Odylia has been approved by Benevity, the matching gift portal for many companies, so securing a match is easy. Please email Heather Greene ( with any additional questions.

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